Replacements Ticket Stub = Free Beer


There have been a lot of stories this week about the Replacements. (We know, a LOT.) This one might the the most important one of all. After attending Saturday's performance at Midway Stadium -- the final one for the ballpark, and the first Twin Cities show for the band in 23 years -- be sure to save the ticket stub.

Not only will it serve as a memento of proportions rivaling your bronzed soccer cleats and your original pressing of Big Star's #1 Record, but it will serve as a temporary key to fast living and economical bliss at the CC Club.

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For the rest of September, bring the aforementioned talisman proving you attended the Midway show -- or borrow one from a luckier pal -- and present it at the CC. Then watch as something miraculous occurs.

Any time a can of PBR, Summit, Sam Adams, or Brooklyn Lager is part of your order, a second can will be provided gratis. That means "free" in Latin, and "awfully impressive" to your evening companions. (The fine print says "while supplies last," so encourage your servers to place orders for more supplies.)

The CC was featured in a City Pages oral history last year detailing its ribald past. The story was named after the 'Mats song "Here Comes a Regular" which happens to tie back to the Club as well. Also, the CC was placed on this 'Mats historical map. The spot just celebrated 80 years in business with two shows.

Go to this place to find free beer.

Go to this place to find free beer.

"The CC Club has a long history of being a favorite neighborhood dive bar in Minneapolis, and we are thankful for our 'regulars' every day!" says manager Randy Segal. "Please stop in this month to celebrate the Replacements with us."

The Replacements. With the Hold Steady and Lucero. Saturday, September 13 at Midway Stadium. Sold Out.

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