Replacements documentary 'Color Me Obsessed': music-free is okay with me

Rare indeed is the music documentary which flaunts the fact that not a single note of its subject's work is heard throughout the duration - but considering the subject in question is the infamously fractured 'Mats, maybe not all that surprising either?

Through over 140 interviews, Gorman Bechard's Color Me Obsessed looks to unpack and contextualize The Replacements' legacy through the words and eyeballs of their most - and least - famous fans. Here's a little sampling of who they sat down with (Dave Foley!):

Documentaries executed in this format always float towards deification, exalting their subjects with endless reams of pull quotes. But this movie is about The Replacements, so there isn't really another option on the table is there?

Color Me Obsessed is screening in Minneapolis on Wednesday, May 4th (ahem, after premiering in Tampa?) during the Sound Unseen Festival. You can keep up at their website.

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