Replacements bootlegs unearthed and posted online


Gimme Noise contributor Andrew Flanagan dug up some old bootlegs from the Minneapolis music scene as part of his gig working for the Daily Swarm, and there are quite a few little nuggets nestled into the old recordings that are now streaming online.

[jump] Probably the weirdest recording is of the members of the Replacements standing on the side of the road in god-knows-where trying to hitch a ride and singing "Give us a ride, fuckers!" in four-part harmony. Amazing.

Replacements Get Angry on the Side of the Road by An Assortment

Other highlights include a bootleg of an early-'80s Replacements show at the 7th St. Entry, a Public Image Limited show from 1982, and clips of locals the Psychenauts and the charmingly named Jefferson's Cock.

Check out all the bootleg clips over on the Swarm.