Rep. Keith Ellison covers Woody Guthrie to toast Marriage Equality in Minnesota


The rejoicing that began at midnight at City Hall spread blissfully throughout the early morning hours, as the first of many same-sex couples were married in Minnesota. And those warm emotions spread all the way to Washington, as Rep. Keith Ellison celebrated marriage equality in Minnesota with a lively but all-too-brief take on Woody Guthrie's folk classic, "This Land Is Your Land."

It turns out that Jeremy Messersmith, John Munson, Matt Wilson, Adam Levy, Bethany Larson, Lucy Michelle, Rachel Kilgour, Chris Koza, and the Twin Cities Gay Men's Chorus weren't the only ones singing in celebration of marriage equality in Minnesota, with Ellison himself making his voice heard from Washington, D.C., in support of all the newly married couples.

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Ellison goes on to say emphatically after he winds down the unifying Guthrie anthem:

"Tomorrow, marry who you want, marry who you love. It's all going off tomorrow because people got involved, because people got active, because people did not sit back and wait for something to happen. Nor did they cry about bad things that were happening. They got involved, they got engaged, they made a compelling case to the Minnesota people. And the Minnesota people said do your thing. So you go do it, you go be happy, you go marry who you love, you go live your life for liberty and justice for all. Because guess what? This land is your land and this land is my land. From California, to Minnesota, to the Mississippi, to Bemidji and the big Paul Bunyan statue -- Minnesota is for you and for me. Everybody. Equality. Peace."


Combine Ellison's embracing, emotional sentiments with some of the images of the first gay couples to marry in Minnesota, and it becomes easy to see that love and equality are definitely in the air here in Minnesota.

And hopefully, those equal rights will spread to the rest of the country sometime very soon. Love is the law in Minnesota at long last -- all you need is love. Love is all you need.

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