Rep. Ellison's throwing a Get Out the Vote party with Messersmith, Dessa

AP; Aaron Lavinsky; Matt Blewett

AP; Aaron Lavinsky; Matt Blewett

Democracy: A system of government under which we live. Music: A form of entertainment enjoyed by many.

But here's the motherfuckin' rub, sheeple: While folk'll eagerly go out dancing to the latest rock 'n' roll combination, only half of those eligible to vote will do so. Rep. Keith Ellison has a plan.

On November 2, he'll take a popular thing -- live music -- and wield it to encourage an unpopular one -- voting -- during his Get Out the Vote Concert at Aria in Minneapolis.

The Twin Cities music stars in the congressman's quiver?

Indie-pop heavyweight Jeremy Messersmith! Rapping/singing Doomtree powerhouse Dessa! Electro-pop force Aby Wolf! Buzzy, Lizzo-associated rapper Sophia Eris! Plus, jams from Eris' former GRRRL PRTY cohort, DJ Shannon Blowtorch

Will there be card tables stacked with voter registration info? Oh, you better believe it. Will there be speeches about the importance of realizing your democratic voice in these topsy-turvy times? Let's just put it this way: yes. $12 tickets to the pro-voting rager are available here.

The U.S. presidential election goes down November 8. It's free to vote, plus you get a lil sticker that'll make Ellison and the ghosts of our Founding Fathers proud.