RENT at the Ordway

A couple months ago I gave into my wife's persistent demands to add RENT to our Netflix queue. But ten minutes in, even my wife (whose favorite movie is "The Sound of Music") was ready to turn it off.

For some reason, musicals don't work as well on a screen. It seems gratingly contrived when the actors break into song, in a way that it doesn't when it's performed live.

So I was interested when I saw that RENT had returned to the Ordway. I took my wife to opening night and it was indeed a more engaging spectacle than the movie version.

One caution I will give female RENT-goers: Use the restroom ahead of time. At intermission, the line for the ladies' room was 100 deep (conversely, the men's room was only half filled).


June 17 - 22, 2008

RENT is the Theatrical experience that changed Broadway forever. Whether it's your 1st time or your 100th time, it's time you checked out RENT — The winner of the Tony Award® for Best Musical and the Pulitzer Prize, RENT is about being young, learning to survive, falling in love, finding your voice and living for today. RENT has made a lasting mark on Broadway with songs that rock and a story that really resonates and now the smash-hit sensation of RENT returns to Ordway Center.

Pulitzer Prize for Drama, Tony Award® for Best Musical, Best Score, and Best Book.

“RENT justifies every bit of attention that has been lavished on this phenomenal musical.” The Chicago Tribune

“RENT is sensational! With a huge heart and a couple of ideas about young people finding connection in a disconnected time, this musical explodes with life.” Los Angeles Times

Now featuring AMERICAN IDOL® finalist ANWAR ROBINSON as "Tom Collins" and South African Idol winner HEINZ WINCKLER as "Roger."

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