Rent a famous Bob Dylan house for $650 per night

"The Big Pink" house, as listed on VRBO

"The Big Pink" house, as listed on VRBO

In 1967, a year removed from his horrific motorcycle crash, Bob Dylan hunkered down in West Saugerties, New York, to record with the Band in a house known as the Big Pink. 

In 2015, weeks removed from the internet buying Bob Dylan a bed, it was revealed that you — yes, you! — can rent the Big Pink for $650 per night (two-night minimum required). The rustic abode is cemented in rock 'n' roll lore, having housed late-'60s recording sessions that produced Dylan's Basement Tapes and the Band's Music from Big Pink.

So what can it do for you and your vacay? The three-bedroom, two-bathroom house has been tastefully updated to preserve its classic charm, as far as we can tell from this VRBO rental listing; the Big Pink features a wood-burning stove, sun room, easy access to the Catskill Mountains, and the ultimate Boomer bragging rights. Pets? No way. WiFi? You bet. But don't take our word for it! Here's  VRBO reviewer Francis B.: 

"There is no house in the world quite like Big Pink - the spirit of The Band and Bob Dylan lingers in every room and the music echoes off the walls. The house is down a quiet woods road — a peaceful and beautiful spot. The owners, Don and Susan, are wonderful, and they have kept the house much as it was in 1967 without turning it into a museum." 

Worth noting: "The basement is not included in the rental."

The Basement Tapes, officially released in 1975, showcased a rootsy, Americana-inclined Dylan. Music from Big Pink, released in 1968, introduced the world to the Band, who were previously known as the Hawks. 

Can't make it to New York? Take a stroll down Hennepin Avenue to check out progress on Minneapolis' in-the-works Bob Dylan mural