Relax, nobody's selling Paisley Park

We're sure Prince would not have wanted Paisley Park Studios sold-off on the open market.

We're sure Prince would not have wanted Paisley Park Studios sold-off on the open market.

 TMZ rarely gets it wrong, and that includes the ethically questionable but unquestionably fast gossip website's reporting on Prince. 

It was TMZ that first pronounced in April that Prince had been found dead at Paisley Park, and TMZ was ahead of the curve in reporting that the rocker's death was caused by an opioid overdose. 

Now it looks like the website might have jumped the gun, or at least overstated its findings, with its breathless reporting on Friday that Prince's famed Paisley Park home "could soon hit the open market." That report was based on a court filing specifying properties "the special administrator is currently anticipating will be sold." 

That special administrator, Bremer Bank, couldn't let this report stand for long without responding. By Saturday, the bank had issued a statement saying TMZ's write-up was misleading, and that Paisley Park was not about to be sold off. 

"Bremer Trust, the special administrator for the Prince Rogers Nelson estate, has no plans to sell either Paisley Park or the property referred to as the "Purple Rain" house," reads the statement, as reported by the Associated Press

If they were to sell it, the recent filing indicates Paisley Park -- which doubled as Prince's recording studio, and the most happenin' (and exclusive) concert venue in Chanhassen, Minnesota -- is valued at $7 million, according to TMZ's review of court documents. Another 20 properties in Prince's extensive portfolio, totaling some $28 million, might soon hit the market. 

One piece of TMZ's report holds up: the part about how "Prince's heirs will do everything they can to block" the sale. Prince's sister Tyka Nelson addressed the rumor in a Facebook post that appeared Sunday morning, writing: 


Please don’t believe Everything u read… Paisley is his home…I will do Everything in my power (through God) 2 make sure that u will continue to experience the awe inspiring presence of Prince for years to come… I Luv what Prince Loved and guess what? He Loved U!


Awww, we loved him, too. 

Knowing Prince, and how much he valued -- and protected, fiercely -- the things he'd built, and owned, Paisley Park going to whichever rich guy can come up with $7 million in cash would be a damn shame.