Red Sparowes, Seawhores, Free Energy and more for your packed weekend


Tick tock, stop watching the clock. It will only make you miserable. Instead, fill your head with all the awesome shows you've got to pick from this weekend. Here's our tops:


Red Sparowes (Los Angeles) like to say that they're "epic without the bombast and heavy without a single barre-chord riff." You don't really get a better explanation of their experimental post-rock sound. Caspian (Beverly, MA) and Fang Island (Brooklyn) are no slouches either when it comes to working some sonic magic. 21+, 8:00 PM, $12.

The Magnolias--the Twin Cities beloved garage band that first arose in the wake of Husker Du and the Replacements--have gone through line up changes, hiatuses, and every other sort of thing that would kill a lesser band, but they never say die: 25 years since their first show, they're ready to the Entry full of catchy, buzzsaw garage punk for two nights. Tonight is with Ten Ton Bridge and North Of Grand, Saturday is with North Of Grand and Whole Lotta Loves. 18+, 8:00, $8/advance $10/door. 

Leisure Birds fire up their reverb-drenched psychedelic-garage set with exceptional out-of-towners Disappears (Chicago) and the Beets (NY), the always great Red Pens starting off the night. 21+, 9:00, $8.

Chooglin' and Stand Up! Records' $4.99 Comedy Show--it's comedy! It's rock and roll! It's got a weird door price! With Bill Young, Cy Amundson, Gus Lynch, and Madoo & the $4.99 crew. Triple Rock, 21+, 9:00, and duh--$4.99. 



Seawhores' always intense, pounding, noise-rock attack headlines an excellent local show with Teenage Moods, Chickadee Mountain Martyrs, and Voytek. Turf Club, 21+, 9:00, $5.  

Lookbook are headlining an always-free show at the Hexagon with pals Nyteowl, who are celebrating their CD release. With Cepia and Foodteam. Hexagon, 21+, 9:00 PM, free.

Gogol Bordello fire up the first of a Current sponsored two-night, sold-out stand in First Ave's Mainroom, 18+, 5:00 doors Saturday/6:00 doors Sunday, $27 at the door if there's a few tickets left.



Free Energy, the increasingly ubiqitous and raucous, T-Rex influenced local expatriates making it good on the East Coast, come back to visit and Leisure Birds are helping to roll out the red carpet. Vital Vinyl Sunday is still spinning in the old bar. Triple Rock, 18+, 10:00 PM, $8.