Red Pens score Pitchfork praise

Red Pens score Pitchfork praise

A Pitchfork review is something like the Swiss Franc of music criticism--it takes a graphing calculator and some long division before you can adjust its relative worth in your own musical economy. Essentially, a Pitchfork zero is worth three stars in Rolling Stone, and album of the year in the Pioneer Press.

So when Red Pens scores a 7 for their track "Weekdays," it's pretty much like cashing in a fistful of Euros at the Mexican airport.

Red Pens performing "Blue Lighters" at the 331.

From the Pitchfork review:

Bennett's Hubley-esque backing beat is slack but never flaccid, and Hamilton's grainy recording is purposely no-frills but definitely not amateur. Most surprising though is the fully amplified guitar, the wall-rattling feedback providing a much-needed antidote for Hamilton's housebound malaise. If the neighbors weren't deaf to begin with, they certainly are now.

Not effing bad. Granted, Red Pens is rather more up Pitchfork's alley than other local acts who haven't fared quite as well (Owl City leaps to mind here).

Should Red Pens truly catch wind with the national press, you can count on Gimme Noise to loudly proclaim "we heard them first," waving copies of 2009's Picked to Click around like mid-90s goths when Nine Inch Nails started playing arenas.

Interested in hearing what all the furor is about? Red Pens plays this Saturday at Sauce Soundbar with Gospel Gossip.

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