Red Pens rock out at Tarnish and Gold


The hard-working team over at MPLS.TV is already slaving away on the next installment of our City of Music video series, and they sent over a few teaser shots to get us ready for Monday's video featuring our Picked to Click 2009 winners Red Pens.

[jump] "The folks at Tarnish and Gold were nice enough to let us shoot the Red Pens at their gallery, against the backdrop of paintings by Cloud Cult's Scott West," explains City of Music producer Dan Huiting. "The staff was ultra helpful and the shoot was our smoothest, quickest yet. We decided to shoot the video in a very widescreen 2.35:1 aspect ratio, which is a first for City of Music. The footage looks great, and the audio is top-notch thanks to our brand new sound engineer Zachary Lein. I'm excited to cut it together this week."

Check back Monday for the video, and in the meantime check out these behind-the-scenes shots by Dajana Bartulovic.