Red Bull on the Stone Arch

Those giant rectangular black boxes on the Stone Arch Bridge are not, unfortunately, giant screen televisions permanently set to Ace of Cakes. They’re actually part of Red Bull’s traveling photography show, Illume.

One Red Bull girl setting up the exhibit in a tiny white tank top says the exhibit includes an opening night party this Thursday. “I think it starts at ten and then goes until mid-night,” she adds with a yawn. This, we believe, is the first yawn ever yawned in the history of Red Bull girls. Her hand even came up to cover her mouth.

The 50 images are the winners of the illume photo competition. The PR pamphlet the Red Bull girl handed out to citypages says, “The exhibition showcases the most dramatic collection of sports photography ever assembled.” And some of the picture actually back up the talk, like one shot from Wade Mckoy that shows a sequenced shot of Jamie Pierre dropping 250 feet off a cliff.

It takes the corporate arts world to a whole new level.

Here’s the youtube of it:

The exhibit will run from July 10th-20th. Runners, expect high traffic. Drinkers, don't count on any vodka.

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