Record Store Day returns!


The third annual Record Store Day is quickly approaching! The yearly celebration of our vast nation's stalwart independents arrives this Saturday, bringing to early-rising hands ultra-limited releases from John Lennon to Joy Division, in-store performances everywhere, free food, and a lamentably brief return to the record store experience of yesteryear. Roadrunner's Amy Myrbo described it as such: "In my nigh 25 years of working at record stores, [Record Store Day] is more what it used to be like. It's definitely a different atmosphere [in stores now] than it was before the digital age."

Buoyed some by the revival of vinyl but still struggling under the weight of electronic ubiquity, listener iPodery, and schizophrenic consumption habits, an event like Record Store Day scratches an itch we obviously have for haptic connection to music, an art we relate to most frequently via the Matrix. It also gives us all good reason to spend a grip of money at places that need it, appreciate it, and pay it forward.

Read on to see how stores around the Cities plan to party...

You can go here for a complete list of Record Store Day's special releases.


4304 Nicollet Ave S, Minneapolis

Special hours, 9am-7pm

Electric Fetus

2000 4th Ave S, Minneapolis


Breakfast, goodie bags, hourly drawings

1pm performance from Dr. Dog, 4:30pm performance from Paul Cebar

First 200 people to spend $15 receive a ticket to a private Solid Gold and Idle Hands show at Nick and Eddie


2557 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis

Special hours 9am-7pm

Selection of used records $1 and super secret surprises


165 13th Ave NE, Minneapolis


50% off all used vinyl

6-10pm, performances from Tim Kaiser , FoodTeam, Exuviae, Low-Gain


1922 University Ave W, Saint Paul


Local musicians spinning all day, special guest surprise

Extreme Noise

407 W Lake St, Minneapolis

Special hours, 9am-8pm

Baked yummies from Cake Eater Bakery, veggie dogs and soda at noon

Hymie's Basement

3318 E Lake St, Minneapolis

11am - 7pm

Performances from Buffalo Moon, Martin Devaney, The Twin Cities Ukulele Orchestra and more

Fifth Element

2411 Hennepin Ave S, Minneapolis

11am - 8pm

Performances all day from: Eyedea, Dessa, A.R.M, Prof & Rahzwell, Paper Tiger and more

Sales on music from Rhymesayers and Soundset performers