Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis


Record Store Day 2012: Keep independent Twin Cities shops open
Do Twin Cities record stores need Record Store Day?
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Record Store Day 2012 was the biggest yet, as hosts of Twin Cities record stores gathered their enthusiasm and planned parties. Gimme Noise went into the field, furtive-guerilla journalist like, to document some of the day's activities and record enthusiasts in their quest for limited edition beauties.

We started the day bright and early, just before 8 a.m., at the Electric Fetus, where the line was already over 100 people, wrapping around the building and stretching down the sidewalk. Curious about what in particular would possess these fine folks to camp outside for hours -- some smartly prepared with lawn chairs, blankets, and canteens what was probably coffee -- we asked what they were hoping to nab once inside the Fetus' famed doors.

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

Dude #1: "It's just insane. There's a lot of cool indie stuff, cool indie labels that are putting stuff out just for today. There's a 10-inch vinyl by the Gorillaz, a Bowie anniversary release, a bunch of stuff that I can't afford -- and this far back in line, it's all gonna be gone. Normally, I'm in front of the building. I didn't realize it was going to be so insane this year."

Dude #2: "Pretty much classics. And I heard Jack White's new album is pretty amazing, I wanna check that out."

Dude #3: "Misfits 30th Anniversary. They released three different colored copies of Wide Among us... and one in Europe, but we're not getting that."

Dude #1: "Unless you go on eBay in three hours."

Dude #2: "Or yesterday."

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

Dude #1: "There's an Animal Collective album I'm looking for. And Arcade Fire. Those are just a couple items. Billy Bragg boxed set."

Dude #2: "Widespread Panic and that Mastadon-Feist collaboration."

Dude #3: "We've been waiting since about 6:20, and we think we're like number 50 or 60 in line, but we're not sure."


Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

"We're hoping to snag the Flaming Lips, Uncle Tupelo, David Bowie... Janis Joplin, and... I have a list... We're also looking for the Misfits, Clash, the Black Keys, and GG Allin. We got up at four in the morning, brought our 14-year-old-son, got here at 4:30. We came prepared!"

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

Dude #1: "I'm interested in one of the Phish albums... I'd like to get the one that comes with the limited edition poster, if I don't get that one I'm cool with it."

Dude #2: "The one thing I'm looking for is the Rainbow 'Long Live Rock 'n' Roll' picture disc.... And a copy of the David Bowie 7-inch picture disc."

"We got here sometime around 4:45."


Over in south Minneapolis, Yeti Records was having a slightly quieter time. We found co-owner Lisa Luck sitting inside the "50-cent Record Tent" pitched on the Yeti lawn and chatted with her about the significance of Record Store Day, what it meant for small second-hand shops like Yeti, and what the future had in store for one of Minneapolis' cutest treasure trove shops.

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

"I think Record Store Day is important because people who might not regularly think about shopping for vinyl can take some extra time and appreciate what's going on at all the local record stores," says Lisa, all smiles as she huddles next to her record player inside the tent. "I think for people who really care about the special limited edition releases, Record Store Day is a big deal, they'll go out and hunt for that. For us, it's kind of different, since we're all used, so really for us it just reminds people that we're still here and we exist."

Yeti Records is about to undergo some changes, however, and the format of their existence will change. They'll be moving out of their space on 35th and Nicollet by the end of the summer and will be transitioning into what Lisa is calling a "Mobile Record Store."

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Natalie Gallagher

"The Mobile Record Store is basically going to be Yeti Records but on wheels, and we're going to do block parties, farmer's markets, that sort of thing. It basically just eliminates the overhead so we can stay in business... and maybe come DJ your backyard party," says Lisa, who takes credit for the idea. "In the very beginning, it seemed really far away and in the distance like a dream, and we were all like, 'We should open a record store when we get married!' And we did, and it's awesome. And now just because we're changing locations doesn't mean the dream is over, it's just adapting and getting cooler."

You can keep up on all the fundraising and the future of Yeti Records on their Facebook page.


Our last stop of the day was Hymie's, where we caught up with Jenny Koschiek of local sister-fronted folk-rock band The Ericksons, who played a midday set at the Hymie's RSD fiesta. She gave us a report on some of the festivities.

Record Store Day 2012 across Minneapolis
Photo by Erik Hess

"I feel really good about the performance, for sure. The room sounded good, everyone was just listening and intent on the show. The sound was awesome and it just felt great," says Koschiek, smiling. "I saw the Annandale Cardinals were incredible, they need to play more shows... The rain was a bummer, but people were packed in the store, and anytime people were playing they were packed in that back room. Big props to Dave and Laura who own it, they put on a really awesome day."

And her perspective as a local artist, being part of RSD?

"I think Record Store Day is incredible because record stores can use it to support local musicians and impact the community and the music scene in their area," says Koschiek thoughtfully. "The great thing about Hymie's is that they support musicians that they like and think are good regardless of what press they've gotten or what buzz is surrounding them or not surrounding them. They support the bands they believe in, so I think they do a really good thing with it. I think people need to start buying records again, and if this day can kind of get people out and actually buying music, then that's a good thing."

You can keep up with the Ericksons on their website.

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