Recession Music means free stuff from StopHouse Records


It's time to bank on an unfortunate economy and rake in some quality freebies. Local hip-hop label Stophouse Music Group is offering up an entire album of the good stuff and all you gotta do it click. "Recession Music" is a collaboration of MCs Prof and St. Paul Slim, two guys deemed favorites in the TC underground rap scene, that together make loud, content heavy tracks with unwavering attitude. The album was produced by the legendary Ant, a.k.a. the mastermind behind Atmosphere's sound and even Slug makes a guest appearance on the record. Other local talent featured on "Recession" includes P.O.S., Big Zach of Kanser and Atlanta-based Yelawolf.

Prof and St. Paul Slim say they mustered up inspiration for the album from the bootleggers of the Great Depression and wanted to channel the spirit of the old school outlaws into their music. While the lyrics might not entirely reflect this idea, the songs are quite perfect for ignoring the reality Fannie and Freddie and enjoying a lawful forty. 

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You can find a  physical copy of the album at Cal Suf, Fifth Element and Cheapo.