Recess dance party tonight: Visionquest tells us about his 'video portals'

​Last November Anthem Heart, Playatta, and a gaggle of goofy, talented pals threw the first Recess, a new dance night at the Varsity Theater that seems to incorporate everything but the kitchen sink in search of a surprising get-down.

Spearheaded by Anthem Heart, the night would be far less notable without the involvement of local video magi Playatta, who come to Recess with their massive, see-it-to-believe-it Portal in tow. In order to get a handle, we spoke with Visionquest, one-third of Playatta's crew.

Gimme Noise: What the hell is a video portal?

Visionquest: The Video Portal is something we at Playatta have been developing over the years to bring party goers into the action. It's a conduit of sorts, Instead of being an attendee people can be a star. And everyone is welcome inside, there's no exclusivity.

What's it do?

People enter the booth and inside is a camera and a blue screen that takes a live feed and sends it through all manner of video mixers, computers and random gizmos to create an interactive video experience that is half exhibitionism half self-indulgence half crazy special effects and three quarters zaniness. Then we take that feed and pump it to monitors and projectors around the venue.

Judging from the video this dance night seems less than preoccupied with being 'hep' and more focused on carnivalesque debauchery. You've done video for your fair share of dance shindigs, is Recess any different?

I think the thing about Recess is that we've all been doing this a very long time and at this point we know exactly how to throw the right kind of party where people can have fun without thinking too hard haha. Everyone just wants to have fun and everyone wants to let go and be a little weird, Recess just provides that no strings attached.

Plus its just so thought out, everyone on the team has worked so hard to make this the best it could possibly be and we're reaching that with Recess.

The venue seems like a strange, possibly perfect one for an off-kilter dance night like this. The Varsity is so jangly baroque and elegant.

Yes! The varsity was the perfect place for an event like this. The dance floor is never-ending, and if that's not your thing there's so much space to just chillax with your buds. Plus the stage is where the magic happens, everyone is invited up to play.

And play they shall! If you're still not convinced, perhaps peep the video taken from November's Recess below. Green man?!

Recess takes place tonight, January 13th, at The Varsity Theater in Dinkytown with DJs Espada & Booka B, 1990, Bach666, Millions
Billions, and Basic Physics. And Playatta, of course. $7, 10PM, 18+.