Reality Show Veteran With Brain: Film at 8

While she occasionally blogs about other RW alums, Melissa mostly chronicles her current misadventures, such as being repeatedly misidentified as RW: Hawaii castmember Ruthie; giving her trucker cap to a homeless man, then sheepishly realizing the cap says ?Wage Slave,? and shacking up in Long Island with a mysterious unnamed indie rock star. However, her anecdotes about her family are especially addictive:


My mother is totally Filipino but sees the world through the eyes of a black man and honed her English skills reading Harlequin romance novels. Can you imagine the birds and the bees talk? ?Do you peel hiss manhood penetrate true da jeans or no?? The right answer was no.


Howard is a raw but effortlessly funny blogger, and her sense of self seems mysteriously unaltered by the Real World experience. Wish we could say the same for Eric Nies.


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