Read these amazing crowd-sourced Prince stories — and submit your own!

"Tell a story about me — I'm amazing."

"Tell a story about me — I'm amazing."

As celebrities and fans mourned the death of Prince, one common thread emerged: amazing stories. 

Prince, that mythical lil smirker, cultivated an unmistakable persona, a distinctly Princely way of presenting himself and engaging others. And, based on the priceless yarns we've seen since he died in April, that unmistakable aura produced some unforgettable tales.    

Like this one. And this. Don't forget this one. And this! Oh god, just click 'em all! (File that last sentence under: possible City Pages taglines.) But everyday people not named Tavis Smiley or Paul Westerberg have unique ways in which they were touched by the inimitable music legend. 

Katie Christian, a Minnesota-born copywriter currently based in Seattle, wanted a forum for fans to share their Prince stories, so she created one — Prince Stories

Launched in May, the minimalist, crowd-sourced website has collected 17 submissions so far, including ones from First Avenue talent buyer Eli Flasher and Twin Cities multi-instrumental wizard Jeremy Ylvisaker. And the stories deliver. One involves a micro pizza run in a stretch limo. Another reveals what he smelled like. Did Prince ever arrive at your apartment in a silk baby-blue pantsuit? No? Then you need to read this.  

We chatted with Christian by email to get more details about her new project Have your own Prince story? Submit it via the website or by email

On why she launched the website ...

"After Prince passed away, I kept seeing these stories float through my feed, the kind you'd usually only hear at parties or on second dates. The first one came from my friend Ben who'd seen/been leaned on by Prince at First Ave — naturally — and I knew it would soon get buried by status updates and articles. I wanted a place to collect them before they all washed away.

"It's also a bit of an ode to Minneapolis. I grew up here in the '80s and '90s, and Prince seemed to pervade the place. Every tinted limo window could have him behind it. Nowhere else could such a concentration of stories have transpired." 

On how quickly submissions began rolling in ...

"I was reading what would become my first submission when I had the idea, and I collected more from friends, friends of friends, and strangers in the days and weeks after he passed away. A couple I hunted down after reading them elsewhere on the internet, like the tale of the DJ'd date from WallyWaves. He actually has another story of DJing for Prince on his site now! The current count is 17, but I'd love to feature more."

On which stories stick out ...

"Don't wanna play favorites, buuut I love Maija Jaaska's, who met him at Glam Slam and had him back to her apartment — not least because he says, 'This is a farce'  before leaving. Can you imagine?! Oh, and Héctor Ramos's story about his friend Joe: That's urban-legend level."

On if there's a common theme ...

"In a word, magic. They have that awestruck, infinitely re-tellable, 'You'll never guess what just happened' quality. It's like that Bill Murray line: 'No one will ever believe you.' They're conversational trump cards! And even if your story's not that great, it's still a story about Prince."

On how many visitors the site has received ...

"Current count: 4,000. I said I'd be happy if 50 people saw it. And they're from all over! China, Argentina, Russia, Iceland, Kuwait! The world loves Prince!