Read Paul Metsa's amazing story about boozin' with Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt


We lost another music legend when Guy Clark died Tuesday at 74. 

Clark was longtime pals with the late, great Townes Van Zandt. The two Texas-born heavyweights are considered among the finest songwriters to ever live. 

On Tuesday, veteran Twin Cities songman Paul Metsa posted an amazing story to Facebook about raising hell in Minneapolis with Guy, Townes, and Spider John Koerner. Take it away, Paul. 

"I spent one of the most amazing (if at times harrowing) nights of my life in 1990 or so with the late greats Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt. They were in town for a show, and happened into the 5 Corners where I had a weekly Tuesday night gig (237 consecutive ones I might add.) They were riding a deep whiskey wave and on a mission from God to find Spider John Koerner. I had met them both briefly before and was delighted to tell them that Spider might be bartending across the street at Palmer's Bar. Sure enough, John was there and when I got off my gig walked over for last call. One thing led to another and the four of us found ourselves downtown at the Radisson Hotel with bottle of whiskey, a few party favors, and our guitars. About 2am in the morning, they asked John to play a few, and then the guitar started to get passed around, a song each and a pull of whiskey. I'd play a tune of mine about every third go around and let the masters hold sway. Townes was adamant that there be "no cussing" and after my first tune said, "that ain't nothing but hogwash." Nothing like getting seriously dissed by the Jesus of songwriters. The next time around, summoning courage from the Cutty Sark, I played my tune Jack Ruby that I had recently finished. After that, Townes said, "now that's better, much better." The night continued to pick up steam, each song played became this golden link in this beautifully surreal magic chain and as I stumbled onto to Hennepin Avenue to cab it home, I was so amazed by it all, I wondered if it actually happened. It did, and remains one of my sweetest musical memories. It was what it is all about. Guy Clark RIP and give my best to Townes."