RDJ2 talks electrical connections, his current "colossus" tour, and career highlights

B Fresh Photography
B Fresh Photography

RJD2 electrified the Triple Rock last night with a performance to remember. With a live band, 3 turntables, and everything from costume changes to custom-made synthesizers, RJD2 and company brought the full-house down. In some downtime before the show, we caught up with him to discuss his love for everything electrical, how this tour is unlike any other, and his biggest career accomplishment, courtesy of The Simpsons:

To see photos from the show, click HERE

Many know you for the unique instruments you create. Can you describe the craftsmanship and sound?
RJD2: Sure. I got into building synths and stuff through restoration of old instruments. I just started buying old amps and instruments when I was starting my studio, and they needed work at times. The more I got into it, I realized that there was a whole world of DIY circuit designers and builders-lots of people designing and selling circuits to build yourself. Its a really fun little world.

RDJ2 talks electrical connections, his current "colossus" tour, and career highlights

So was the name of your label, 'Electrical Connections,' directly related to your unique electrical stylings?
RJ: Its actually derived from the name of my publishing company, which is derived from my interest in electronics. I have always been interested in how things work, taking things apart, woodworking, construction, all that stuff.

You Tweeted recently (@RJD2) that the last string of shows on this tour have been some of the best shows in your life. What made these shows different than others?
RJ: Something strange happened before this leg. There is a tangible sense of either excitement, or anticipation, or something, on this leg that I havent seen before. Its great. Almost all of the shows have sold out, and most of them presale. And to boot, they are, by and large, going over like gangbusters, and people are having a great time. Its been some of the best receptions I've seen ever, really. Montreal, NYC, BKLYN, Boston were all just unreal. But so was Philly. And Toronto. And...

RDJ2 talks electrical connections, his current "colossus" tour, and career highlights

Looking back on your 10 year musical career and sound evolution, what stands out as a significant moments?
RJ: The biggest one was when The Simpsons made reference to the Mad Men intro. That was a highlight I don't think I'll ever top.

[Editor's note: A short edit of RJD2's instrumental track "A Beautiful Mine" is used on the intro for the television seri

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