Rapper Sage Francis raises cash for RNC arrestees

Just as much an activist as he is a rapper, MPLS favorite Sage Francis is coming to the aid of the journalists and others arrested at the RNC this September.

This just in from Sage Francis' PR camp:

Outraged at the treatment of journalists, protestors and ordinary bystanders by this year’s Republican National Convention in St. Paul MN, Sage Francis has taken to the mic to do what he has done best over his 10 year career: raise awareness through music.

Many Americans watched as scores of those who were providing coverage of the RNC were arrested and jailed, notably the arrest of “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman and two of her colleagues, which was captured on video and became the YouTube sound byte of the convention for people who weren’t just watching the network’s coverage. The aggression of the police became personal for Francis when they arrested his friend, journalist Jared Paul.

"Jared Paul is a fellow Providence poet and musician," said Francis. "We've lived together, toured together, protested together, argued with one another from time to time, and shared many incredible moments over the past 15 years. He is a social worker, a community organizer, a selfless human being and a champion of justice. He'd do the same for me in return. He'd probably do the same for you.”

To raise both awareness of the grim situation on the ground at the RNC and money for Paul’s ongoing defense, Sage Francis recorded a song, “Conspiracy To Riot,” and will be giving it away for free at Click there for more information and to hear Sage's new song.

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