Rapper Logic drops Atmosphere-inspired track featuring Slug, Killer Mike

Logic, left, and Slug

Logic, left, and Slug

Def Jam rapper Logic issued his sophomore album, The Incredible True Story, in November. It offered nothing bloggable for City Pages. 

Which brings us to Wednesday, when the 25-year-old, Maryland-born MC finally had the good sense to drop something with a Minnesota connection in new single "Tree of Life." The soulful, chilled-out, Common-sampling track features hometown hero Slug of Atmosphere, as well as Atlanta rapper Killer Mike, who's one half of Run the Jewels and possibly the coolest motherfucker alive

But wait, there's more Ron Popeil voice: "Tree of Life" doesn't just feature Slug — it's also inspired by him (get the backstory here). The chorus flows thusly: "I read this thing from Atmosphere the other day / Spoke about music we love and music hate / I don't know why / But I can relate to this." 

For his part, Slug offers up a verse that rhymes "bark" with "park." Killer Mike, in default Killer Mike fashion, rips it up. 

"Honored and humbled to be on a song with these two people. Thank you Logic and Killer Mike," Slug said via Facebook of the collab, a rather mainstream appearance for our homegrown indie rapper.

Logic performed at Rhymesayers Entertainment's annual Soundset festival in May, which, as always, was headlined by label flagship Atmosphere. Logic's current tour will hit the Skyway Theatre in Minneapolis on Feb. 25.

The Incredible True Story debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard charts despite a lack of hit singles and big-name guests. 

You can listen to "Tree of Life" here:  And here is Logic performing "Fade Away" earlier this month on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He solves a Rubik's Cube MID-FLOW!