Random creepy email show and tell

Music writers are accustomed to getting a lot of mail and email -- from promotional CDs and press releases to mp3s and streaming audio, publicists from across the country are constantly reaching out and trying to find ways to grab the attention of the critics. In my current position, I'd say I probably get around 100 emails a day from musicians, publicists, label people, and venue bookers who want help promoting their album release or show. Most of them are pretty standard: Download this track, go to our MySpace, come to our show, etc., but this morning I received not one, but two weird emails that I couldn't keep to myself.

1. Ominous unlabeled mp3 promising to be someone famous

Subject: Mystery track for you!

A bit of Monday fun for you:

Enclosed is a mystery track for your listening. I can't tell you who it's by yet as it's a bit of a secret. However, i can tell you that you've definately heard of this band. They're english, and this song features someone else English, who is enormous. It's out in the not too distant future and you'll be hearing it on radio, reading about it etc. for definate.

It's a lot of fun and i hope you enjoy it.

The secret will be revealed soon.. but until then i'm afraid i can't tell you who it's by! You're also welcome to post it. It's already been on a couple of places and there's some great guesses already.

Since I'm welcome to post it, I am going to. What do you think -- is this actually something we should care about, or is this a hoax to get me to listen to their mp3? Either way, it worked. I am intrigued. Download here.

2. Ominous impending death prediction

Subject: Is Samuel Jackson Next? Death Comes in Threes…


Yesterday, it was Bernie Mac. Today it was Isaac Hayes. Could Samuel Jackson be next? Daryl Toor, president of Attention!, an Atlanta based publicity firm, a former music reviewer and record company executive notes:

"This photograph, taken from Isaac Hayes' official site is as eerie as the time I read a newspaper obituary on its own obituary writer…."

The photo has since been removed from the Isaac Hayes webpage, but it was a photograph from the upcoming movie Soul Men which stars Bernie Mack, Isaac Hayes, and Samuel L. Jackson:

Random creepy email show and tell

So strange. Here's a video for you:

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