Radiohead's Top 5 strangest music videos

Anyone who has seen Radiohead's latest music video for the song "Lotus Flower" knows one thing is certain: Thom Yorke has some moves.

The five-minute video off the recently released King of Limbs is comprised entirely by tight shots of Yorke dancing his ass off. He shakes and gesticulates violently; he imitates rock 'em sock 'em robot arms; he slowly twists and bends his limbs and torso; he stumbles around the stage like David Byrne.

It's a strange enough interpretive jig to watch a few dozen times and still not be satisfied. Since it hit YouTube two weeks ago, the video has already racked up more than 5,800,000 views.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of these viewers have taken liberties with Yorke's strange dance routine. Within a couple days of Lotus Flower's premiere, someone edited the video and replaced the audio with Beyonce's "Single Ladies." Others have followed suit with music by Phish, Lady Gaga, and Eric Cartman.

But the band's latest single is by no means their first experiment in weirdness. In honor of the Lotus Flower phenomenon, we collected five of the most bizarre music videos of Radiohead's career. Here they are, in no particular order:

Lotus Flower Album: King of Limbs Released: February 14, 2010 Weirdness factor: Up-close-and-personal dance moves.

Paranoid Android Album: OK Computer Released: 1997 Weirdness factor: Flashing tree lady, mermaids, torso baby.

Fake Plastic Trees Album: The Bends Released: 1995 Weirdness factor: Thom Yorke in a shopping cart.

There, There Album: Hail to the Thief Released: 2003 Weirdness factor: Owl wedding, Thom Yorke transforms into a tree.

Pop is Dead Album: Pop is Dead Single Released: 1993 Weirdness Factor: Thom Yorke's yellow hair.

Ok, so what'd we forget?

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