Radio K's Top 7 Lists for 2005

From our email, here are a series of Top 7 lists compiled by the hosts of Radio K's various specialty shows, from punk to hip hop to world music (770 AM, 100.7 FM, 106.5 FM):

Radio K International -- World Music Sundays 10am-Noon 1 Seu Jorge "Cru" (Wrasse) 2 Amadou & Mariam "Dimanche a Bamako" (Nonesuch) 3 various artists "Rio Baile Funk: Favela Booty Beats"(Essay) 4 Balkan Beat Box "Balkan Beat Box" (JDub) 5 DJ Dolores "Aparelhagem" (Crammed) 6 Nortec Collective "Tijuana Session Vol.3" (Nacional) 7 Konono No.1 "Congotronics" (Crammed)

Out of Step -- Punk & Hardcore Sundays 2-4pm 1. The Clorox Girls "This Dimension" (smart guy records) 2. Big Business "Head For The Shallow" (wantage usa)...

3. The Buff Medways "Medway Wheelers" (damaged goods) 4. The Real Losers "Music For Funsters" (trick knee productions) 5. Regulations s/t (havoc records) 6. Hard Skin "Same Meat Different Gravy" (tko records) 7. M.O.T.O. "Raw Power" (criminal iq records)

Now Like Photographs -- Epic instrumental music Sundays 4-6pm 1 SAXON SHORE [The Exquisite Death of Saxon Shore] Burnt Toast Vinyl 2 TRISTEZA [A Colores] Better Looking 3 EL TEN ELEVEN [El Ten Eleven] Bar/None 4 FRIENDS OF DEAN MARTINEZ [Lost Horizon] Aero 5 RED SPAROWES [At the Soundless Dawn] Neurot 6 THIS IS A PROCESS OF A STILL LIFE [Light] Firefly Sessions 7 FOXHOLE [We the Wintering Tree] Selah

Rude Radio -- Ska, Reggae & all things Jamaican Saturdays 10am-noon 1. Damien Jr. Gong Marley -- Welcome to Jamrock 2. The Debonaires -- Longshout 3. Go Jimmy Go -- Girl With the Fishbowl Eyes 4. Umbrella Bed -- One Small Skank for Man 5. The Drastics -- Premonition 6. Madness -- Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1 7. Bedouin Soundclash -- Sounding A Mosaic

The Beat Box -- Hip Hop Saturdays Noon-2pm 1 DangerDoom-The Mouse and The Mask 2 Atmosphere-You Can't Imagine How Much Fun We Are Having 3 Common-Be 4 Kanye West-Late Registration 5 Perceptionist-Black Dialogue 6 Ernie Rhodes-Orbital Effect 7 Slug and Murs-Felt 2: A Tribute to Lisa Bonet

Some Assembly Required - Tape Manipulations, Digital Deconstructions, Turntable Creations & sample-based music, sound art and/or mashups. Saturdays 2-3pm

In no particular order: *Aggro1 -- "Behind these immigrant eyes" This internet-only mp3 release is finally giving Freelance Hellraiser's "Smells like booty" a run for its "ohmygod I can't believe how well that works together" money. Not sure about the exact release date, but most online references point to it being new this past summer (2005). Also not sure just exactly who Aggro1 is -- his online presence is minimal (all we can say for sure is he is a guy, he's from Ohio, and he's a rising star in the world of mashups and bastard pop). The track mashes Kelly Clarkson ("Behind these hazel eyes") and Led Zeppelin ("Immigrant Song")!

*Negativland - "Favorite Things" Off of their 2005 CD, "No Business." Celebrating 25 years as a band - Negativland releases their FIRST album of 100% recycled music. This CD is actually just one part of an impressive (as always) book/multimedia release about file sharing, downloadable music and the collapse of the music industry. My pick off of this album has been a favorite since seeing them perform it live at First Avenue over five years ago. Brilliant!

*Party Ben - "Never Feel Good" This one mashes "Feel Good Inc." by the Gorillaz and "Never There" by Cake, and has been online since around May, 2005. Party Ben also hosts and produces "The Sixx Mixx" a popular mashup/bastard pop show heard on Live 105 in San Francisco.

*Twink - "Hip Hopera" Out on Seeland in November, 2005 -- Mike Langlie usually works with children's toys (specifically, toy pianos) to create music - this time out he's working with countless children's records, instead, to create a funky sound collage. His press release put it best: "Bits and pieces from hundreds of vintage children's records mix with modern beats for a deliriously fun time."

*Dean Gray - "Novocaine rhapsody" Mashing "Novocaine" by Green Day and "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen, this bastard pop mp3 is from a now-famous mashup record by Dean Gray, called "American Edit," which was released online on November 18, 2005. This album serves as yet another example of how a major label (trying to shut down a creative work because it challenges their total control of one of their copyrighted works) turns their own cease and desist letter into one of the most powerful press releases ever - resulting in a giant backlash which ended up getting the mp3s into countless more computers and iPods all around the world. Warner Brothers just wanted to remind us that there's no such thing as bad press, apparently! Dean Gray is Bay Area Mashup DJ's Party Ben and Team 9 - Party Ben is originally from Minneapolis!

*Jason Forrest - "My 36 favorite punk songs" Off of his 2005 release "Shamelessly Exciting." Forrest finally drops his old pseudonym ("Donna Summer") and takes full responsibility for his frantic, beautiful cut and paste music. One of my favorites off of this 2005 records is "My 36 Favorite Punk Songs" on which we get to hear Forrest's 36 favorite punk songs, chopped up, rearranged and composed to equal something completely different -- and perhaps even more engaging. Some Assembly Required will feature an interview with Jason Forrest on January 7 (on Radio K, Saturdays at 2PM).

*DJ Cal -- "Wicked whatever" DJ Cal is Calle Hanson, Swedish Mashup artist and former computer game sound engineer. His track "Wicked Whatever" mixes Shakira and Chris Isaak. Another contestant for unbelievably smooth mix of contents!

Some Assembly Required airs across the US and Canada on two dozen college, community and public radio stations, and will begin the ambitious project of archiving its first two years in syndication by podcasting all of its old episodes, beginning January 2nd, 2006! Check out the Some Assembly Required blog for more information about the podcast of episodes from the program's second year in syndication. Some Assembly Required continues to air new episodes in the Twin Cites on Radio K - Saturdays, 2-3 PM."

Soulful Science -- House Music Saturdays 5-7pm 1.Fat Freddy's Drop-'Roady'[Based On A True Story](Sonar Kollektiv) 2.Jamie Lidell-'Multiply(Hot Chip's Mouth Remix[Multiply Remixes] (Warp) 3.Mark Henning-'Skiffle Freak'[Yeah But No But](Freude-Am-Tanzen) 4.Bryan Jones/Scud Bloom-'Devotion' [Devotion] (Aroma) 5.Mathew Jonson-'Return of The Zombie Bikers' [Return of The Zombie Bikers] (Wagon Repair) 6.Rithma-'Here Now' [Here Now] (Shakedown) 7.Slope-'Want'choo Longa Feat.Ovasoul 7'[Komputa Groove] (Sonar Kollektiv)

Locust Lecture -- Goth, darksider, industrial & heavy metal Saturdays 7-9pm 1) Mono No Aware / Kataku / Hands Productions 2) C/A/T / The Prisoner / Crunch Pod Media 3) Venetian Snares / Meathole / Planet Mu 4) Sir Alice / ? / Tigergushi/Kwaidan 5) Foetus / Love / Birdman 6) Sheep on Drugs / F**k / Invisible 7) :Wumpscut: / Evoke / Metropolis

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