Radio K's recent in-studio performances

Rarig Center, home of Radio K

Rarig Center, home of Radio K

Those whippersnappers at Radio K have a lovely habit of inviting some pretty great artists to their studio (among other things). Their output is constant, and since it has been a spell since we gave them a look-see, we're doing just that.

[jump] But of course: we have a conceit! Several years ago I reviewed a record by defunct sludge-bringers Count Vesuvius, wherein I attempted to "usefully" describe the music via stream-of-consciousness poetics. So: here goes nothing...

Sims, "Future Shock" -- Fodder for the future-jammed.

Live on Radio K: Sims + Lazerbeak - "Future Shock" from Radio K on Vimeo.

The Blind Shake, "Out of Work" -- "Wait, liquor stores aren't open on Sunday? Fuck it, let's go to Sconny."

Live on Radio K: The Blind Shake - "Out of Work" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Pink Mink, "Booby Prize" -- To find the shortest distance between two points, follow all the dead crows.

Live on Radio K: Pink Mink - "Booby Prize" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Mojo Pin Up, "Hide" -- Wait, Ron Paul actually has a good idea?

Live on Radio K: Mojo Pin-Up - "Hide" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Lovely Dark, "Fields of Fire" -- Translucent memories of the Lake Harriet Bandshell.

Live on Radio K: Lovely Dark - "Fields of Fire" from Radio K on Vimeo.

Screaming Females, "It All Means Nothing" and "Wild" -- Solitude breeds popularity.

Live on Radio K: Screaming Females - "It All Means Nothing" / "Wild" from Radio K on Vimeo.

You can view Radio K's entire archive on their site.

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