Radio K's Battle of the Underage Underground accepting submissions

Radio K is gearing up to present its annual Battle of the Underage Underground competition at the 7th St. Entry on June 28, and has just started accepting submissions. The contest is open to all high school-aged bands (at least one member must still be in school, and 2010 grads are A-ok), and seven will be chosen to play in the Entry showcase. Out of those, one band will be chosen to perform live on Radio K's local program "Off the Record," in addition to other prizes.

Here's all the details:

All genres and types of music are welcome. Only one member of the band need be in high school. Submissions should include a recording, general info about the band, and a photocopy of members' school IDs. Submissions are due to Radio K by June 10th.

Send submissions to:
Radio K's Battle of The Underage Underground
616 Rarig Center
330 21st Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55415

Email [email protected] with any questions.

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