Queen's Roger Taylor to bring Extravaganza to the Brick

For anyone who still gets a thrill every time Queen's Live At Wembley airs on TV, there is a show coming to Minneapolis just for you. On June 2, the Queen Extravaganza will roll into the Brick with an aim to reconnect old school Queen fans with the songs they hold so dear. The performance is put together by Queen drummer Roger Taylor, who is serving as producer and music director for the spectacle.

Taylor has enlisted a talented band comprised of four separate vocalists to stand in for the iconic Freddie Mercury, and five consummate musicians who will help celebrate and transform the anthemic music of Queen for a whole new audience.

Taylor has also enlisted the help of acclaimed stage designer Mark Fisher, who crafted the sets for Pink Floyd's The Wall, all the Rolling Stones shows since 1989, as well as every U2 concert. So, you can rest assured that the evening will be a grand exhibition of both sight and sound. The 2-hour+ performance will also feature nearly 40 Queen classics, with all of the heavy-hitters being represented and reworked by the assembled band, all accompanied by rare video footage of the original band back in the day.

While it appears to have more authenticity than most standard tribute shows, you still have to question the musical/financial motivation of Taylor himself, as well as the lasting appeal of a bunch of unknowns trying to replicate such well-known smash-hits by one of the biggest bands of their day.

But the sad realization is that there will never be another Freddy Mercury, and Queen fans will never have a chance to relive the exhilarating live performances of the original lineup. So, perhaps this is the next best thing, perhaps this is mere cash-grab abomination. We will certainly see come June 2. And if this performance does indeed fall short, I'm sure there is a channel somewhere airing Live At Wembley sometime soon.

Tickets for the Queen Extravaganza go onsale this Friday, March 30 at 10 a.m.

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