Q&A: Dirtygirl rapper Amanda Blank

When hipsters of the future look back upon the latter half of the millennium and the advent of the bright-colored skinny jean, they will no doubt note it was marked with a string of successes by female rappers. A few of them busted through the constraints of the "fem-cee" image (wherein style prevails over talent) to change the game (inarguably M.I.A and Lady Sovereign); others fulfilled their destiny to fizzle (Roxy Cottontail, Uffie). The jury's still out on the likes of Kid Sister, Santigold and Spankrock-spawned dirtygirl rapper Amanda Blank.

But something tells us upon hearing the latter performer's new album I Love You that Blank just might have a shelf life longer than a tube of mascara. The album's produced by the oft imitated Diplo and Switch, as well as Blank's longtime pal XXXChange of Spankrock, and it's a grimy electro-rap gem teeming (not forced) with personality. We spent a few minutes with Blank over e-mail this week before her show tonight with Matt & Kim, and she kept things refreshingly short and sweet. 
Gimme Noise: You came up out of the B-more club scene with the likes of Spankrock.... tell us one funny story from performing with them.

Amanda Blank: Oh man, I have a million! Those boys are a trip! The Spankrock shows can get really grimy. I feel like it's more like a punk show than a rap show. I've had my shoes puked on on several occasions. Just the other night as a matter of fact!

GN: Why'd you title the album I Love You? Was it an homage to anyone in particular?

AB: I named it I Love You as a sort of dedication to everyone the record is about. The good and the bad. Without them, I would've had nothing to write about.

GN: What will you remember many years down the road about making your first feature album?

AB: The lesson that if you don't stay true to yourself none of it is worth it.

GN: You've got great style. Share one fashionista secret with us.

AB: Thanks! You know girls always ask me about my heels cause I wear 'em about 5 inches high. Insoles! They are a genius invention.

GN: What do you love and hate about touring?

AB: I love the kids at the show and being on stage. Performing for a bunch of kids just freaking out is better than almost anything in the world. I hate all the fast food and being homesick -- they both hurt your stomach.

Amanda Blank opens for Matt & Kim tonight. 18+. $12/$15. 8 p.m. Triple Rock, 629 Cedar Ave. S, Minneapolis; 612.333.7399.