Puppets, deadbeats, and inspirational kids in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Graveyard Club is ready for some summer fun.

Graveyard Club is ready for some summer fun. YouTube

The thing about three-day weekends is: They work.

Memorial Day kicks off the season of leisure. That extra 24 hours on the backend of a Sunday does wonders for the heart and head. I hope you used your bonus day off to recuperate and re-dedicate. The work of the year isn’t over, but this is a chance to separate yourself from the grind.

Of course, today, we’re all back at it, memories of brats and bonfires a distant memory. Independence Day seems like it’s a decade in the future. Just know that you have a diversion whenever you need it right here. Slip on your headphones and steal a moment from your boss to enjoy these local cuts.

Graveyard Club – “It Hurts”

Graveyard Club’s new record Goodnight Paradise will be out on June 28—just in time to make the summer feel mopey. The dour new-wavers try to be sunny on the video for “It Hurts,” mixing in some face paint and lemons, but it’s ultimately not enough to overcome the song’s deep ache. Bianca Poletti directs the pity party, adorning the sweeping tune with bright pastels.

Andrew Thomas – “(We Can't All Be Perfect) Like You”

Let’s hear it for the deadbeat boyfriend. The couch-bound snack monster. This is the hero of Andrew Thomas’ new dance track “(We Can’t All Be Perfect) Like You,” which takes square aim at the Instagram addicts who portray themselves as glossy, perfect, and happy. Thomas sees through the filters, lauding instead those who live authentically, though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing.

Lazy Scorsese – “Blue World”

Lazy Scorsese will release their new record Inemuri on Thursday. On the LP, the Minneapolis psych-rock band tried on a funkier sound, typified by planet-defending single “Blue World.” Filmed and directed by lead singer Anthony Oslund, “Blue Planet” is a collage of the different threats and ills the Earth faces; from forest fires to pig-faced politicians, the band unmasks the true evil at work against nature. Brian Carlson created the psychedelic art, and Seth Eberle created the mask and puppet. Check out City Pages tomorrow for a full story on the band and the album.

Ziplock – “Face Tatt”

Love can be desperate. It can be destructive. That’s the vision of love that CRAM rapper Ziplock ascribes to. Despite the beastly downtempo beat from Frankie Bash and Singrinch, “Face Tatt” is a lover’s promise—a song of ultimate, obsessive devotion. Ziplock will do whatever it takes to keep his lover by his side, a confession he makes in the isolation of ice caves and empty disco bars. Local video mastermind Nate P directs.

North High Polars – “Leave It to the Northside”

After a rash of shootings in north Minneapolis, North High School teacher Samuel Wilbur decided to organize 30 students for a song of resilience. Over the course of a two-day intensive project, the students wrote, recorded, choreographed, and produced “Leave It to the Northside,” a video that brings strength to their community in a time of crisis. Schools should be the heart and soul of a community, and the students at North High are here to live that adage in song and dance.

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