Punk Rock Prom IV this Saturday night

(photo by lewis chaplin via Flickr)

Prom is a magical, tension-filled, crucial time in the lives of young teenagers on television. In the real world, it is remembered by many as that night you negotiated a curfew past midnight, spent a lot of money on an itchy dress or a rented tux, and danced barefoot on the hardwood floor of your school gym or at the hotel party room. We promise this Saturday night's prom will be far more grown up. 

Punk Rock Prom IV: 'Til Death Do Us Party invites you to relive prom through punk rock-tinted glasses this Saturday, April 25 at the Nomad World Pub on the West Bank (501 Cedar Ave. S., Minneapolis). Partiers are encouraged to dress for prom, so bust out any tulle skirts, velvet train wrecks, odd-colored suits, or anything else you have that is formal and fabulous. Bring a date, or a good friend, and have your formal picture taken to commemorate the night.

Like any prom, this one has a theme: Dias de los Muertos. So any way you can work the theme into your outfit will win points. Later in the evening prom king and queen will be crowned by a panel of judges from the MNRoller Girls.

Practice dancing in your heels and formal dress shoes beforehand as well; tonight will be loaded (not just alcoholically) with great musical acts. The Fillmores will be punk jamming throughout the night and as well as playing some classic prom hits. Popsters the Debut, '80s-tinged hip hoppers MC/VL, and punk rockers Bouncer Fighter will also provide ambience, with Sharp Teeth, Fuck Knights, the Shortcuts, and A Paper Cup Band also slated to perform.

The unforgettable night starts at 9 p.m. with an entrance fee of $6. The event is 21+, so no emo teenagers allowed.