Prof wants to put you in the biggest MN music video ever

Prof performs at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, March 14, 2012. (Photo by Tony Nelson.)

Prof performs at the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, Texas, March 14, 2012. (Photo by Tony Nelson.)

Prof is shooting a “historically large rap video” this Sunday, and you’re invited.

And not just you. Your friends, your family, even your “weird neighbors” are welcome, according to the Facebook event for the shoot. Prof is trying to get every rapper in Minneapolis to come out too.

“I want EVERYONE to come out and rep as hard as they can,” the “trash-rap king” told me via email (all caps his). “We need the city STUNTIN.”

Inspired by the mass street-dancing scenes in Nelly’s “Country Grammar” video, the Minneapolis rapper says he wants to film the biggest music video ever shot in Minnesota.

“I haven’t done much research on what it’s going to take to have that title, but I feel like I’m in the position to at least give it a shot,” Prof said. “I’d just want that mother fucker CRACKEN.”

It’s unclear which music video holds the crowd record currently (Guinness doesn’t recognize the category), but Prof might have a decent shot. The Facebook event currently has more than 400 people “attending” and over 1,100 “interested.” Plus, Prof has a pretty good track record when it comes to filling large spaces – he’s one of the few local rap artists able to sell out the Mainroom.

The shoot starts at 4 p.m. this Sunday, Aug. 27, at Familia Headquarters, an indoor skate park in Northeast Minneapolis. The video is for the song “Andre the Giant” off Prof’s upcoming album with Rhymesayers Entertainment, his second album with the label.

“The song has a line during the chorus which talks about getting bigger,” Prof said. “Not only is it a reference to my career, but to the Minneapolis music scene and the city in general.”

Though past Prof videos have been pretty 18+ (his “Bar Breaker” clip featured him rapping in a van while a porno was being shot in the background), this event is open to all ages, and you’re encouraged to “bring your daughter and tell your dumbass brother to come correct.”

Prof’s determination to do it big won’t stop after this Sunday. Two weeks later, he’ll follow up this shoot with the “biggest show in the history of Prof.” At least, that’s the tagline for “Prof Outdoors,” his Sept. 9 concert at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza. That show is all ages as well.