Prof: This show is the biggest bite we've ever took

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Twin Cities MC Prof has spent the last two years tearing the roof off of every stage he's graced coast to coast. Naturally, the sky's the limit this Saturday when he performs outside for his own Prof Outdoors Festival.

Gimme Noise spoke to Prof about how he spent his summer and what makes this event the biggest show of his career thus far.

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What makes Prof Outdoors, as you've promoted it, "The Biggest Show in the History of Prof?"

Basically, just to sell tickets. It already is the biggest headlining show, even with the pre-sale tickets sold, I've ever done. It's the biggest space we've ever tried to fill, so it's the biggest show. It's the biggest bite we've ever took, so we're going to do a lot of chewing to sell the bug out.

Where did the idea to do an outdoor end-of-summer show come from?

It was just the next step, really. We sold out two back-to-back shows at First Avenue. We thought what could be next and different for people? I've never headlined an outdoor show. I've performed at a lot of festivals, but never put on my own. I wanted to do a show that was outdoors and turn it into a mini-festival with a lot of acts and have it go on most of the day. It's still at a time when school's in, so it's something to do for the people who are still here too.

How different is setting up a show like this compared to a more standard show?

It's a lot more complicated. It costs a lot more. I was blown back by the price to even just turn the lights on. Whereas, at a venue, that would cost a lot too, but the speakers, stage, and everything is there. With an outdoor show we have to pull permits, which are pretty pricey. We have to have police there. We have to set up a huge stage and move everything around; it's like setting up a small economy so you have to be confident you can sell a lot of tickets.

What appeals to you about the great outdoors?

I've always liked going outdoors. I was raised in Powderhorn, but my dad would always once a year take me out to the North Shore and we'd see the salmon run. We used to spend a weekend in the fall right around this time camping, kicking it and fishing. I've always loved getting away and going outdoors. I've never been hunting, but I like fishing and camping and stuff like that.


How's your summer been since getting injured last June?

I've been injured for a while now. I had knee surgery, and I'm recovered from that so my knee's doing just fine and I've been dealing with back injuries for a few years on and off.

Were both of those the result of something specific or was it just wear and tear over the years?

To tell you the truth, both were from snowboarding accidents. I was super into snowboarding and skateboarding, and thinking about it now in my upper-20s looking back, it's sort of like that football player thing where players are like, "I wouldn't want my kids to play football." Now, I'm like maybe I shouldn't have snowboarded. I went pretty hard and couldn't get enough of the adrenaline. I got addicted to the bigger-higher-faster and was smashing myself around. That's where my knee injury came from and I learned to live with it for a very long time. But then [after] two years on the road, it caught up to me and I had to have surgery on it.

While the recovery sidelined you from performing live shows, were you still able to keep things going music-wise?

Oh yeah. I've been in the studio and we got crazy plans moving forward. I've been crazy creative with the bum knee. I hurt my back two years ago, and I rehabbed from that. I'm used to that rehab process, I love to get in the gym and be with someone. I'm a really motivated creative dude, so my recovery was fast ahead of schedule. I like to make my body work and I don't like it when it doesn't work.

Being you're a big outdoors guy, do you have a favorite wild animal sighting?

I've seen a moose once, and that was the shit. I saw it really really up-close. I was in a boat and I didn't even know it was around. It was eating leaves under the water, and its head came up five feet next to us. It saw us, and we froze, so it just swam away. It was intense.

Prof. With Run the Jewels (Killer Mike & El-P), Evidence, Fashawn, Soulcrate w/ Later Babies, Long Doe featuring Mike the Martyr, Tony Bones and Big Wiz, Get Cryphy, MaLLy, and more. 3 p.m. Saturday, September 7, at Cabooze Outdoor Plaza. Info here.

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