Prof lights up St. Louis Park Roller Garden in "Moron" video

Here's one important aspect of Prof doin' the "moron."
Here's one important aspect of Prof doin' the "moron."

Just when we thought it was safe to close out 2012, Prof is prying the damn thing back open again. "Moron," the closing track off his Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 is just a beastly party song, and the video to match is pure smoke at the St. Louis Park Roller Garden.

You know, we've given Prof some ribbing for his behavior in the past, but this Kron Dunn-directed clip is the perfect summation of the rapper at his best. Played out as a slightly different fantasy than P.O.S.'s "Get Down," but the basic message is the same. Just get out on the dance floor, and don't make excuses about your broke-ass skills. 

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Motivational speech of today: "You better use that. Your mama made that." And it doesn't hurt that this is one of Lazerbeak's best beats. Period.

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