Prof launches Midwest tour dates in October

Prof launches Midwest tour dates in October

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It's going to be that much harder to evade the salacious stunts of Prof this October and November as he forges out on a Midwest tour. Need proof? Over the weekend, he opined regarding a recent Colorado stop, (sic) all over the place, "Pretty sure my managment dont want me writuing this, but i just LICKED THE SHIT OUT OF FORT COLLINS PUSSY. #GAZM." Uh huh.

As the September 25 release of mixtape Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 looms, it's apt that these upcoming dates are part of the KVP tour. If you've been following along at home, "New Kid" with Yelawolf and "Me Boi" (streaming below) are the offerings we've heard so far. Check out the dates down there below that jump too.

Choice line: "I would love some beef, I just don't know where to find it / It's like I'm vegetarian, I don't even mind it."

Here's the itinerary for the first leg of the KVP tour:

October 11 - Ames, IA @ The Maintenance Shop
October 12 - Lincoln, NE @ Knickerbocker's
October 13 - Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
October 14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ In the Venue
October 26 - Bemidji, MN @ Blue Ox Bar
October 27 - Madison, WI @ Freakfest
November 1 - Milwaukee, WI @ Mad Planet
November 2 - Chicago, IL @ The Abbey
November 9 - Mankato, MN @ Buster's Sports Bar
November 10 - Eau Claire, WI @ House of Rock
November 16 - Iowa City, IA @ Gabe's Oasis
November 17 - Sioux City, SD @ The Chesterfield

Prof launches Midwest tour dates in October

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