Prof: Kaiser Von Powderhorn


Kaiser Von Powderhorn
Interlock Records

Like the savior in these last days, you should know Prof by now. All you sleepyheads rest easy; he's still on his "Rocket Man mission," even though dude's already miles above the game. Maybe that's why he still calls himself the "undiscovered son." (Or sun? Yeah, that's a metaphor, kiddies.) But sleep no more: The new five-song EP, Kaiser Von Powderhorn, with its limited production and availability, is bound to be a rare treasure for the rest of your days. Dope on wax. Prof is wall-to-wall here in all his glory, with clever one-liners out the ass, hyperactive and delicious vocab spills popped like collars—picture a supreme smartass with gorilla swagger and a mouth as fast as his mind. Oh my gawd. Half the time he plays with the beat like a cat on a dead mouse, batting it mockingly, going from 0 to 60 and back again in three seconds just to test the engine. Point blank, the kid's got more flavor and flow than all five of your favorite MCs combined. Plus, the last track's vivid, autobiographical story rap is another leap forward. The mic wreaker plunders three transcendently over-the-top club hits, instantly owning each, before closing with two locally produced gems. In less than 18 minutes, Prof manages to snatch the crown for best TC rapper of the year.