Prof just signed with Rhymesayers!

Prof just signed with Rhymesayers!

The game has just changed. Rhymesayers just announced its largest local signing in a minute by bringing Prof to its roster. The Jameson-loving Kaiser Von Powderhorn joins Atmosphere, Brother Ali, P.O.S., another recent signee Dem Atlas, and plenty more under one roof to strengthen the already impressive foundation of the Minnesota hip-hop label.

"I'm my own man, and I'm just trying to do everything like Macklemore right now," Prof says in a mock press conference video that debuted on the web today.

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Earlier this year, Prof spoke to City Pages about the potential of signing a label deal. "I haven't met a single underground rapper who doesn't want to be world-famous," he said. "I've come across a lot being like, 'Nah, fuck that, I'll deny all those deals, I'll deny any shot at opportunity,' which is completely bullshit. People who say that know that they already suck and that that won't happen, so that's their crutch."

Judging by Prof's live charisma and draw -- evidenced at two sold-out shows at First Ave, a surprise add at Soundset, and his own fest at the Cabooze Outdoor Plaza this year -- this is a guy looking to go even bigger. It'll be interesting to see how the business of his own label, Stophouse Group, is bolstered by this new partnership.

"We made this deal knowing that the creative freedom, experience, and reach RSE will provide is second to none for an artist active in every aspect of their career, such as Prof," Stophouse says in a statement. "The Stophouse team will continue to be just as involved in Prof's future -- this partnership allows us to focus on what we do best; creating music and grass roots marketing via our amazing network of listeners."

Here's the Gampo with his new labelmate Slug at last weekend's Jay Z show.

To the question of what his next album will sound like, Prof emits an enormous Bronx cheer. In all seriousness, it's exciting to see what resources will be available to him for this next step.

Marking the occasion is a new single called "The Reply." At this stage, there is no set date for his first album as a member of Rhymesayers.

Look for some familiar faces in this press conference, and be sure to count the shot glasses lining up on the table as it unfolds:

Prof is expected to discuss the signing further this evening during an online Q&A here.

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