Prof gets stupid in new "Gampo" video

Prof's second video from his latest album features ridiculous outfits, general foolishness, and a tiny computer-generated giraffe. Could the Stophouse rapper be trying to tell us he doesn't take himself super seriously?

Continuing the light-hearted concept of his first video for "Need Your Love" but amping the goofy costume factor, "Gampo" reminds me of rap video's good old days, back when you couldn't watch MTV without seeing a little blue Busta Rhymes running towards a fish-eye lens. The literal depictions of Prof's already manic lyrics find him dressed as a PBR-guzzling king, a novelty-sized cigar-chomping business type person, and Sally Jessie Raphael. If ever there was an example of rapper as cartoon character, here it is. 

You can download the album King Gampo for free from Prof's Bandcamp page.

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