Prof drops Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 mixtape (Download)

Prof drops Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 mixtape (Download)
With respect to Pen & Pixel, who designed all those eye-popping No Limit album covers.

Our well-documented fascination with Prof's Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 mixtape is realized. Now available via his Bandcamp page, the eight songs (and one interlude) of varying styles -- even a 4/4 club track (!) -- should momentarily put, to quote the man, "All eyes on me / kinda like you knew I farted."

As we can see above, the pregnant women who appear in his "Me Boi" clip get some more attention on his No Limit-style cover. Is that a minivan in the back? 

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One track to pull out for a little extra attention is the funky "Sex Ed," which seems to be inspired by a good number of Stevie Wonder jams that you could actually play in front of children. As Prof vamps through this production by Atmosphere's Erick Anderson, he flirts with earnestness in his delivery. But remember this is the Kaiser, and he's definitely got one track for his runaway mind.

And there's also "Swimming," featuring Slug from Atmosphere. Here's an ensemble of double entendres that involve pools, swamps, and, er, the doggy paddle. 

In any case, the entire Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3 mixtape is up for streaming and download here. You'll have to check it out if you want to fully understand how to "do the moron."

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