Prof brags incessantly with Yelawolf on "New Kid"

Prof brags incessantly with Yelawolf on "New Kid"

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Ribald local rapper Prof is sounding more like Rick Ross every day. No, he hasn't added that "woof" noise Rozay makes on the reg, but he's got the gift of amusing hyperbole on a fresh track called "New Kid." Who else has been shot shot 89 times, owns 45 houses, enjoys foursomes with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow, and to top it all off, "My Pandora station plays Vanilla Ice."

This is an immediate must-listen because it also features the Alabama wiseacre Yelawolf on it, and he's faster, funnier, and more frenetic than pretty much anyone rapping today. Might not be a bad idea to lock up the guns and whiskey before clicking play -- because these guys aren't exactly in role model mode here.

The hook goes: "Bitch I got money/ and I'm so good-lookin' / you could learn somethin' from me / you're old, I'm new." And with the constant stream of young rappers coming out with tales of impossible riches, sexual conquests, and so forth, Prof has the whole thing in perspective -- until he skews it to his (and our) favor. 

Even if he can't be the richest, he can be the best at exaggerating about being rich.

"New Kid" is the first single off Kaiser Von Powderhorn 3. Atmosphere's Slug and guest production by Doomtree's Lazerbeak can be expected when it emerges on September 25.

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