Prof and John Stamos just duked it out on Twitter

You can't make this stuff up, can you? Minneapolis troublemaker rapper Prof and John Stamos recently had it out on Twitter, apparently. It seems they've had a love/hate relationship for a while now. Really, what other type of relationship can you have with Prof? (Remember his ribald Valentine's Day cards?)

Uncle Jesse from Full House took issue with the cesspool of come-ons and braggadoccio that is the @ProfGampo Twitter feed when the rapper reportedly called him a pedophile a few months back. The Rhymesayers signee told the Star Tribune that he was probably drunk and doesn't remember the tweet, but Thursday he was hit with a barrage from @JohnStamos.

Most of this warring was deleted, but Prof posted a few DMs apparently from Stamos on his Instagram.

Strong words supposedly from the mouth of the genteel Dannon Oikos spokesman and Beach Boys touring drummer. Eventually, Prof got freaked.
-- Prof (@Profgampo) March 7, 2014 Fortunately, this story has a happy ending.

Prof says he and Stamos talked on the phone Thursday night and settled their differences before a lawyer had to get involved. Doesn't this feel like a Jameson-soaked dream? It would, but for this RT from Stamos that lingers. Amid a lot of shots of the actor smiling, preening and generally exuding the wholesomeness that Prof has long flouted in his career, we have this:

What will this friendship yield? Only time will tell. Prof tells the Star Tribune that he'll still stay crazy for Stamos, and "This is really a dream come true of mine."