Prof and Grieves release "Super Scary Monsters" for Halloween

Prof and Grieves release "Super Scary Monsters" for Halloween

Happy hip-hop Halloween! The lineage of spooky rap has yielded plenty over the years -- from "Nightmare on My Street" to "1-800 Suicide" -- and now our own Powderhorn perv Prof has hooked up with Rhymesayers star Grieves for a quick and dirty rap to explore their sinister sides.

This track unveils two very different types of twisted maniacs. In the case of Grieves, who produced the track, he starts by conjuring up teen horror author R.L. Stine, who penned the Goosebumps series. Then, a series of more grown-up scenarios unfold, punctuated by the Hitchcockian vision "I'ma get you in the shower, Psycho." And then you have a Prof, who is already prone to gross-out raps, going full necrophiliac here with an image of frozen urine ("like Hawaiian Ice") you won't soon forget. Ugh. Anyhow.

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Thought as separate shows, both of these rappers have high-profile shows coming up in the Twin Cities. First, Grieves & Budo hit First Avenue on Saturday with openers Sweatshop Union and the Tribe and Big Cats! (info here). And then Prof performs two sold-out shows in one night on Monday, November 19 -- one for 18+ and an early evening all-ages gig.

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