Prissy Clerks have a cold, tell Kare 11 about it

Clara Salyer describes her flu symptoms on Kare 11.
Clara Salyer describes her flu symptoms on Kare 11.

The magic of network television news has hit the local indie rock community. As is customary in the world of slow news days during the winter, you can expect that there will be the requisite stories about driving in the snow, shoveling the snow, and the coming of flu season.

But did you expect that the Prissy Clerks -- who finished 9th in the 2012 Picked to Click balloting and just released the acclaimed Bruise or Be Bruised via Forged Artifacts -- would be the subjects of "The flu arrives early this year," a Kare 11 story that ran Wednesday evening as part of the 10 p.m. news? We didn't. You didn't. But it happened.

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"It begs the question, what's going on?" anchor Randy Shaver asks at the outset of the report. Fortunately, City Pages' Best TV Newscaster Jana Shortal didn't let this story go the predictable route. Instead, she headed to the 7th St. Entry -- where friend of City Pages Kyle "@Solace" Matteson was having a little birthday show -- for inspiration. The concert featured Prissy Clerks, another Picked to Click 2012 fave Actual Wolf, and All Tomorrow's Petty, a very strong Tom Petty covers act.

"Even rock stars on the night of the show get the flu," Shortal says in her story. "The up-and-coming band Prissy Clerks passed the bug to each other like kids in a day care -- over shared microphones and exchanged sneezes." Enjoy and stay tuned for the fine coughing effects at the end of the clip.

Less fortunately, the group's music isn't featured in the clip. But hey, at least their colds made the big-time.

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