Prince's unreleased albums leaked


Prince is as prolific as he is mercurial. Who knows the wonders sitting in the vaults of Paisley Park, waiting for a flight of fancy to breathe once more. Sometimes they pop up here and there.

Earlier this year someone uploaded to YouTube old rehearsal footage from around the time of Purple Rain--pretty revealing and interesting stuff. It's long gone, thanks to Prince's lawyers.

Strike while the iron's hot on this one.

A blog named The Unheard Music

put a post up a few days ago titled "Prince Week, Day Four: Unreleased Albums"

and had this to share:

It's common knowledge that Prince has unreleased albums and recordings out the ying. Most of the complete albums don't circulate but, every once in a while, we get lucky. Then again, sometimes we get enough information that the finished product can be accurately approximated. Either way, while a lot of people may look at such things as mere re-orderings of existing tracks, these albums are of great importance to fans in the Prince community. Sometimes, regardless of the availability of the recordings, a different track ordering is enough to make a world of difference.

The first of the unreleased albums I'm featuring today is Dream Factory, the last album completed with The Revolution. By looking at the track list alone you would probably assume this is an early version of Sign 'O' The Times, which is kind of accurate, but with Prince it's never that simple.

He goes to explain some pretty interesting details around the album. Very nice, yes. But then he shares with you two records--you can hear them and everything. They're called Dream Factory and Camille. Glorious. Camille kicks off with "Rebirth of the Flesh" and if the rest of it was Cult of Ray-level terrible it would still be worth it. What a song. You should hear it.


Dream Factory

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