Prince's The Breakfast Experience EP is for remix fans

Prince's The Breakfast Experience EP is for remix fans

The purple outpouring the past few weeks has included a couple of Paisley Park parties and a new video, and perhaps it finally comes down to this. Prince has just unveiled The Breakfast Experience EP for the completist fans among us. We know you're out there because we can smell the 3121 perfume wafting off your wrists.

As the song points out, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it sometimes needs to be put on hold for more, ahem, pressing matters. "Breakfast Can Wait" in five different versions sees the light of day on this collection. We previewed each on iTunes and broke down their differences.

1. The Original: Funky, soulful, and at a tempo perfect for stirring pancake batter.

2. The Grits 'N' Gravy remix: A bit of that retro '90s business on the beats and snaps, and Prince's voice sounds like he's placing a sexy phone call.

3. The Espresso remix: Unsurprisingly, this is sped-up funk with a jolt of caffeine. Not to drop the l-bomb, but there's a lounge-y feel on this reinterpretation.

4. The Honey remix: Like the original, but vocals over the phone. Sweeter that way?

5. The Buttermilk remix: Judging by the snippet on iTunes, it's a syrupy, instrumental jam with some incidental vocals. It feels naked, but proud. Actually, this is the best of the revamped versions.

For now, that's it. No other new songs on the collection, but appetite awakened? Grip a copy on iTunes here.

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