Prince's rumored St. Paul concert isn't happening

This is not something you should expect to see in St. Paul next month.
This is not something you should expect to see in St. Paul next month.

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Aside from those among us who keep themselves in a permanent Purple haze, it seemed unlikely that St. Paul's nebulous September 15 event would feature an appearance by Prince. City officials confirmed today that the whole thing that was pretty uncertain in a report by MPR last week is postponed indefinitely.

To catch you up, Friday brought a bulletin from MPR that there were "people with direct knowledge of the situation" saying that Prince was discussing "dates, locations, permits and security" with the city of St. Paul. And that's it. Just remember, when the only people willing to speak on the record for something are "people familiar with the situation" and no one giving the name on their driver's license, it's usually not enough to make speculation true. Disappointing, but not surprising.

Two separate folks from within mayor Chris Coleman's office offered the same disappointing news this afternoon. "We would love to host another great concert event in Saint Paul, but we are postponing indefinitely at this point," courtesy of Joe Spencer, Director of Arts & Culture. Communications Director Joe Campbell adds that this event -- notably "never scheduled to begin with" -- is off the timetable for now.

Perhaps now is the time -- and doubtful that this voice will be the first to say it -- to begin rallying cries for Prince to perform at the 2014 MLB All-Star Game at Target Field. Let's just recall what he did with that Super Bowl halftime once upon a time.

As we already said, it's time to bring back Prince on an epic scale somewhere in the Twin Cities.

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