Prince's Central High School yearbook photo emerges


Thanks to Switchblade Comb for pointing out this little gem: Rolling Stone recently posted a "Rock and Roll Yearbook" that includes this photo of Prince Rogers Nelson, taken in 1974 when he was a sophomore at Central High School in Minneapolis. Some further digging on the Central High School website turned up this description of what Prince was like in school:

Prince Nelson/Roger Nelson: Singer, Musician. Graduated, 1976. While attending Central he was very active in music, taking as many of these classes as possible. He was a member of the sophomore basketball team and he showed off his talent at the many talent shows. Prince didn't pay much attention to his academic subjects because, he thought, he didn't need to because he was going to be a star. He was absolutely right.

In the words of the Virginia Slims advertisement: You've come a long way, baby.