Prince will tour Europe with just a piano and a microphone

Prince at the Golden Globes, possibly plotting his big piano tour.

Prince at the Golden Globes, possibly plotting his big piano tour.

UPDATE (Nov. 16): Prince's "The Prince Spotlight: Piano & A Microphone" tour has been canceled due to the terrorist attacks Friday in Paris, Billboard reports. The following message announcing the canceled European dates was posted Monday via Prince's Twitter account: "Due to the tragic events in Paris, the tour promoter has decided to postpone the upcoming European tour until further notice." The tour would have kicked off Nov. 21 at the Wiener Konzerthaus in Vienna; two shows had been slated for Paris. 

No stranger to stripping down, this fall, Minneapolis enigma Prince will be putting down the axe to tour Europe on a very special, 16-stop Prince Spotlight: Piano & A Microphone tour.

As the name suggests, the tour — which begins in Vienna, Austria, on Nov. 21 and ends in Brussels, Belgium, on Dec. 22 — will consist of The Purple One, a baby grand, and a mic. That's it. Though Vienna, Brussels, and Barcelona (Dec. 13) are the only confirmed dates, there will also be gigs in the UK (Glasgow, Birmingham, London, and Liverpool), France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and The Netherlands. El Pais notes that there is also potential for a Scandinavian leg, with shows in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Announced Saturday at, you guessed it, a private, esoteric gathering at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, the tour represents a new challenge for Prince, who has been doing his humpy, flamboyant imp thing for three decades now without so much as a dip in newsworthiness. Now, eschewing the guitar, he can perform more intimately. In The Artist's own words, via the El Pais post:

"Why do this now? For several reasons. For starters it is a challenge. I rarely get bad reviews because this is something that’s been perfected 4 over thirty years. You have to try new things. With the piano it is more naked, more pure. You can see exactly what you get."

Spoken like a man who likes to get naked and perform intimately.

Dates are subject to change, and this list, provided by Dr. Funkenberry, makes pretty much no sense, but the current rundown of stops is as follows:


The Netherlands









No announcement has been made about when tickets will go on sale. Stay tuned to Paisley Park's closed-circuit television network for updates.