Prince vs. Dancing Baby: Toddler wins right to dance to "Let's Go Crazy" on YouTube


The mother of a toddler featured in a viral YouTube video dancing to Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" went head-to-head with Universal Music Group... and won! Dancing baby FTW! (Video after the jump.)

Stephanie Lenz received a partial summary judgment from US District Judge Jeremy Fogel in the copyright case. Universal claimed Lenz was acting in "bad faith" and had "unclean hands" in her lawsuit. Now Lenz can collect attorney's fees in her case because rocking babies also win against whining music companies.

Universal sent YouTube a takedown notice for the dancing baby video in 2007. Her baby, 13-month-old Holden, is dancing to "Let's Go Crazy." Now any sane person could tell it's purely background music, barely audible most of the time. Universal claimed it was infringing on their copyright, but Lenz fought back.

She filed a lawsuit against Universal, saying the video was "self-evident noninfringing fair use." Universal claimed it might be fair use, but still infringed on their copyright, so they had a right to order a takedown. Huh?

The worst argument by Universal: Lenz was acting in bad faith by posting the video with the Prince song. Ah yes, those evil mothers blasting good tunes for their child's enjoyment. And then she wanted to share his pure joy with the world. The nerve!

In the end, Lenz and her dancing baby won and can get their attorney's fees recovered. And the dancing baby can keep wiggling his little butt all over the house to Prince tunes. The world is right again.

Watch the video below.