Prince update: Purpleness launches new Web site


Prince is all up on some L337 busin3ss with his new Web site,, launching as an "all-encompassing portal to [his] history as well as a direct line to the three albums he has slated for 2009." 

The minimal space-age junkyard (or perhaps Fraggle hole) that is Lotusflow3r seems to be under construction, as you're offered no direction on what clicking certain objects would uncover. Clicking the TV will probably eventually get you a menu of Prince videos instead of playing a strange mini-vid inside the graphic itself, and the cassettes lying near the boombox play three different Prince songs (as to be expected). Also lying around is a Prince concert ticket which allows you to sign up for updates, and an article about the very Web site you're visiting, complete with quotes from a few users who actually got to visit the pretty Purple One's mansion in the L.A. area and test drive the site first. 

Provided that this is just the beta version of Prince's site, we think it could actually end up being pretty cool. Or maybe it's just the hypnotic background music that's fooling us into thinking so.